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birdy7® - building blocks and features

* possible by attaching external software
** possible through the attachment of external software: Base or Premium versions

BI Platform


BI Platform
+ birdy7 Client

birdy7 CLIENT
BI Platform
+ birdy7 Client
+ iPad Monitoring

Retrieval and collection of all data      
End-to-end TLS 1.2 encryption
Remains online even with weak internet connection
Highly-compressed data assembly
All standardized industrial protocols such as OPC-XML DA, OPC UA or Modbus
OLAP services and APIs      
Highly-compressed persistance of your data
Extremely fast access times
Persistence of calculated values such as availability or theoretical power
Incremental OLAP-Data is continously written to the OLAP server and available instantly
Rule engine for creating individualized alarms
Efficient Monitoring, since only changes in data are transmitted
Attachment of external diagnostics tools to the OLAP-Server, e.g. Tableau
Abstract data model      
Integration of diverse data sources to an abstract data model
Individualized refresh rate to match your needs and hardware capability
Individualized archiving intervals to match your needs and hardware capacity
Comprehensive analysis and reports on fleet level **
Diagnostics and analysis      
Analysis and comparisons on the fleet level **
Availability diagnosis *
Power loss diagnosis *
Alarm diagnosis *
Financial and technical analysis *
Fast and simple creation, saving and export of individualized reports *
Financial and technical reports *
Use templates for fast report generation *
PDF- und CSV-export *
Graphical representation of live data, KPIs, alarms and warnings *
Geographical representation of power plants and systems *
Check your power plants down to component level *
Alarms and warnings of all power plants in a single Inbox *
Solution Guide and Knowledge Base with actionable hints for minimizing downtime *
Creation and delegation of tickets *
Mobile Live Monitoring on your iPad      
Mobile Live Monitoring of the most important KPIs and system status on the iPad **

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