About us

The birdy7® think tank started in 2014 with a vision. We imagined a software product that is able to take on the management of a fleet of renewable-energy power plants, independent of energy type, manufacturer and geographical location.

Who we are

We are a team of nerds, each a specialist in his/her field. We cherish and practice close collaboration between conceptors, designers and programmers. Data models and graphical interfaces are considered together, right from the start, so that they can be tightly coupled and synergistic for optimal user-friendliness. Our shared goal is the efficient use of renewables for the sake of the environment.


How we work

How we work

Interdisciplinary, agile, user-centric

Our team of specialists thrive on constant exchange of knowledge and close collaboration between conceptors, desigers and programmers. Data models and graphical interfaces are viewed together, right from the get-go, to ensure a tight connection between them. This synergy ensures the optimal use of data resources and maximum user-friendliness.

We make use of agile methods to ensure fast roll-out of features. Sprints, backlogs, tickets, postIts, retros and plannings help us to best organize out team. So much for theory.... we do our best to stick to the playbook and listen to the trainer :-)

How we work 2

User-centric methods for user-centric software

birdy7 is being developed for the optimum usability in all possible scenarios. To ensure the results and to roll products out to our customers as fast as possible, we work in multiple development cycles and product versions.

Each feature is developed in close collaboration with our customers. The customer feedback we collect in workshops is integrated directly into the development cycle. We’d love to hear from you and look forward to a workshop with you.

What drives us

The vision that gave birth to birdy7 is a software product that efficiently manages renewables-fleets, independent of manufacturer (OEM), energy type and geographical location. To turn this into a practical product, birdy7 had to go beyond. It structures its fleet-management functionality around customer-specific workflows that reflect the needs of users and processes in our customers' power plants.

birdy7 furthermore distinguishes itself in the way it is being developed - agile and based on a think-tank structure. birdy7 is a spin-off of natcon7, a Hamburg-based company that is specialized in the building and commissioning of SCADA networks for wind farms.

Dirk Adam

I wonder why we don‘t have user-centric and solution focused software in the energy industry. That’s because we started our own

Dirk Adam, founder of birdy7.

About us

birdy7® & natcon7®
the perfect partners for navigating the digital future

birdy7 is a product of natcon7. By integrating the decades of know-how and experience collected by natcon7 in the renewables sector into the birdy7 fleet-management software solution, we are able to simply erase the differences between renewables technologies. It’s as if solar and wind, hydro and biogas could always play together!

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You can make an appointment directly with us here. One of our staff will coordinate your personal appointment with you. We will gladly give you an overview of the possibilities of birdy7 in an online demo or advise you according to your requirements.