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birdy7 OLAP BI Platform

BI Platform. Retrieve and analyze all data you need.

There is immense power in Data. Our birdy7 OLAP BI Platform forms the foundation for the retrieval, representation and archiving of data from distributed power plants. OLAP Technology’s inherent data compression is light on computing resources and enables Analysis at remarkable speed.

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birdy7 Client

birdy7 Client. Speed up your workflows.

The development of the birdy7 Client is user-centric and ideally suited for user groups with highly diverse tasks, workflows and requirements. The features included in the birdy7 Client includes Diagnostics-, Reporting-, Monitoring- and Alarm-handling features.

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birdy7 features

birdy7 - optimal for your needs

* possible by attaching external software
  BI Platform BI Platform
+ birdy7 Client
BI Platform
+ birdy7 Client
+ iPad Monitoring
Retrieval and collection of all data
OLAP-Services and APIs
Abstract data model
Diagnostics and analysis *
Reporting *
Monitoring *
Inbox *
Mobile Live Monitoring on the iPad **

So far unused power-plant data converted to worthful insights.

Trained workers shortage in the renewables sector by 2030.

More energy, higher revenue through digitally-optimized maintenance.

birdy7 solutions

We provide solutions for

Support & Helpdesk

Tools for optimized alarm handling with an integrated Solution Guide. Knowledge retention is maximized and unexperienced workers quickly get into the groove.

Operation & Asset Management

Tools for operators and managers that make use of diagnostics and reporting features to prevent unpredictable performance breakdowns and assist with process optimization.

Customized Solutions

No standard solution can solve all possible problems. We can optimize birdy7 for you in many different ways.

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