Simplify your renewables management

The user-centric ecosystem for fleets of renewables.

All data in one place

All your data in one place

No more fragmentation, no more fiddling with interfaces. All the data from your power plants are stored in a central repository.


For all power plants with an OPC interface

Any power plant with an OPC interface can be effortlessly connected to the birdy7 CUBE. Other protocols are available on request.


Optimized communication of the support team

The birdy7 Solution Guide provides users with recommendations for solving problems. By recording solutions it becomes more intelligent and efficient. 


More overview, less complexity

User-centric design meets renewables. birdy7’s simple user interface and modern design gives you the optimal overview of your power plants. What you need is what you see.

Save Money

Faster response means lower operating costs

Efficient fault-finding and error correction drastically lowers downtime and minimizes revenue losses.

Historical data

Evaluating historical data

The evaluation of historical data allows you to predict future events. Minimize and prevent unpleasant surprises.

So far unused power-plant data converted to worthful insights.

Trained workers shortage in the renewables sector by 2030.

More energy, higher revenue through digitally-optimized maintenance.


Support & Helpdesk

Workflow Support

Tools for optimized alarm handling with an integrated Solution Guide. This simplifies communication between departments and ensures that no information gets lost. Knowledge retention is maximized and unexperienced workers quickly get into the groove.

Operator & Asset Manager

Workflow Operations

Tools for operators and managers that make use of diagnostics and reporting features to prevent unpredictable performance breakdowns and assist with process optimization. Eases data management, maximizes insight and ensures the optimal use of your data.


Use birdy7 for all technologies

birdy7 is designed to accomodate all renewable technologies.
This includes wind power, photovoltaics, solar thermal power plants, hydro power, biomass, biogas and wave/tidal power.

Technology cube
birdy7 CUBE

birdy7 CUBE. The data gateway between your renewable power plant and birdy7.
See how it works

Wind power

birdy7 ensures that wind farms work more efficiently. This results in less downtime and more revenue.


birdy7 gives PV power plant operators a firm grip on their PV modules, strings and inverters and allows highly-efficient analysis.


Secure data transmission with the birdy7 CUBE

birdy7 CUBE

The birdy7 CUBE is the heart of the birdy7 platform. The small industrial computer is responsible for collecting and synchronizing the data. For power plants with an unstable internet connection, data are reliably transferred to the birdy7 Cloud server.

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Technology-agnostic Monitoring

Fleet monitoring

birdy7 can supervise your entire fleet of renewables power plants. Power plants of all possible technologies are finally brought together in a single application.


Enhance the platform by custom services


The birdy7 CUBE allows for additional Platform Services. These include CSV-Export of power plant data for external evaluation or E-Mail services.


Use birdy7 to create and manage efficient Workflows

Workflow Solutions

birdy7 is a user-centric app and is permanently being optimized. Our team took actual workflows from extensive customer interviews and transported these into the digital world. This orientation to real workflows makes sure that the practical, day-to-day problems of the user is addressed and solved.

birdy7 mobile apps

birdy7 lets you stay informed, even on the road

birdy7 mobile apps

With the birdy7 mobile apps you can monitor your renewables power plants, even when on the road. Your actual performance numbers - always at your fingertips.

Download natcon7 Wind Farm Portal from Apple App-Store

Book a live demo

Pick a time that best suits you for one of our friendly team members to walk you through the application in an online meeting. Within only 30 minutes you’ll have a thorough overview of birdy7. You’ll have plenty of time for questions after the online guide.