Individual Solutions

Individual Solutions

When „it’s impossible“ ceases to exist …

The problems faced by our customers are diverse, and often very specific. That’s why we implemented in birdy7 a wide range of possible customizations. We’ll capture your specific needs in a workshop before we deliver birdy7. Additionally, we offer customized solutions such as the development of special interfaces.



Individual Solutions

We will support you with the extensive system configurations and customized solutions possible within the birdy7 ecosystem.

Integrating individualized interfaces

Does your power plant use something other than OPC XML DA, OPC UA or Modbus? Let us create a Bot for you to convert your data into the birdy7 data model and make it accessible to all of birdy7’s functionalities.

Data retrieval from external sources

Power plants often contain data from third-party hardware that is not supported natively and therefore also not collected by the SCADA system. In order to also include this data in your Diagnostics and Reporting, all data must be saved / persisted in one location. Typical examples include bat, bird and ice detection systems. Having this data available allows you to evaluate the functionality and regulatory compliance of your third-party hardware.

Creating interfaces for external tools

Would you like to attach a tool that does not speak SQL to the OLAP-data pool? We’ll gladly create an interface to help you do that.

Individualized data mapping, customized views

Certain KPIs are especially important. Your power plant may also have a unique structure that you’d like to have reflected in the birdy7 views. In that case we’ll gladly customize your Monitoring views exactly to your taste.


Integrating your user management

Integrate your current users and user management into birdy7. This gives you free reign in assigning and managing user roles and access rights of your employees.

Define your own KPIs

Create your own KPIs to match your specific needs. This can be generated to match your contractually-agreed upon calculation algorithms and is saved / persisted with the remainder of your data in the OLAP-Server, meaning it is available to you with the same latency, speed and reliability as the rest of your data, diagnostics and reporting services. We’ll support your with your KPI configuration process.

Rule Engine for customized alarms and events

You may want to be informed when certain threshhold values are surpassed, in order to avoid unexpected shutdowns or performance losses. Let us define a set of customized alarms and events for you via the Rule Engine. You define which conditions should trigger these customized alarms and events, such as specific periods of the year, time of day, meteorological conditions, or any freely-chosen data you’d like to include. Your possibilities are limitless.

Solution Guide for the Inbox

Create problem-specific solutions and procedures for solving alarms and events. We’ll help you configure these.

Customized reports and diagnostics

Do you need a very specific reporting format and content, or do you require a recurring diagnostic tool for which you’d like to create a template? We’ll gladly configure it for you. Let us help you make your workflows more efficient.


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