How it works

Use the full potential of your data to gather useful insights.

How it works

The birdy7 platform consists of three components.

birdy7 CUBE

birdy7 CUBE

The gateway to fetch, synchronize and send data.

birdy7 Cloud

birdy7 Cloud

Stores data safely. In your own open or private Cloud.

birdy7 Platform services

birdy7 Platform services

Provide users with access to your portfolio's data.

birdy7 CUBE detail

birdy7 CUBE

The birdy7 CUBE is our data gateway out of the power plant and into the Internet. It synchronizes and compresses the data up to 90% and securely sends the data - buffering when the internet connection is compromised to ensure the data arrives.

The birdy7 CUBE is available as a hardware- or software-version (birdy7 SoftCUBE in a VM). The hardware version consists of a small box PC that can be mounted inside or outside a hardware rack, and only needs to be connected to the network and supplied with power. The software version lives in a VM on one of your existing machines connected to the network.

birdy7 Cloud detail

birdy7 Cloud

birdy7 Cloud is the middleware server that is responsible for the secure storage, preparation and evaluation of the data.

The birdy7 Cloud can be either in an open cloud (e.g. Azure®, AWS®, Google®) or in a private cloud. This ensures high data security as well as high data availability.

Platform services

Platform services

The birdy7 Platform services are connected to the birdy7 Cloud. The user gets access to his power plants via the Platform services on all his/her devices (iPad, laptop, desktop).
Platform services include fleet monitoring, the mobile app, as well as the workflow-based funktions for Support & Helpdesk, Operations & Asset Management. The Micro Services such as CSV Export for additional data analysis, and E-mail services also belong to the Platform services.

The birdy7 Platform services are constantly being updated and users are regularly given access to new functionality.


Questions we hear often

Data / Compatibility
How secure is our data in the birdy7 Cloud?

We take this subject very seriously, on a number of levels. You have the option to have our technology implemented redundantly, so that data loss is virtually impossible. We also place great value on protecting access to your data so that no unqualified users can hack in. You can also deploy your birdy7 Cloud inside your local network (LAN) to all but eliminate access from the outside world. Keep on using your existing firewalls and VPNs.

Speak to us to learn more.

To avoid data loss we always recommend a redundant implementation of our system components (birdy7 CUBE, birdy7 Cloud). This is of course an economic decision. If you already have a cloud infrastructure, you can continue to use it once we have checked and verified that it conforms to our data-security requirements.

All network traffic is protected with TLS encryption to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to the data.

The birdy7 Cloud runs inside a container system, that can be installed in the majority of available cloud infrastructures (Amazon Web Services®, Google Cloud® etc.). If you need more details or if you need us to communicate directly with your cloud infrastructure provider, to clarify the compatibility issues, please talk to us

birdy7 runs on customer-specific server infrastructure. In short, that means that you can either provide us with access to your existing in-house infrastructure, or we can rent server infrastructure for you. With this in mind, birdy7 always operates in an environment that is known to you and is physically separated from other environments. This also ensures that the server performance is 100% at your disposal.

The strength of birdy7 is that it is theoretically compatible with all renewable energy technolgies that provide an industry-standard interface. The most popular technologies are wind power and solar photovoltaics - offered as a standard by birdy7. Speak to us if you’d like to connect another technology type to birdy7.

Your power plant is compatible with birdy7 if it provides an IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) compliant digital interface over which controller values can be retrieved. birdy7 offers the most popular interfaces, over which 90% of renewables is rendered compatible. This includes OPC interfaces. In case your power plant employs a different interface, it is possible to establish the connection to birdy7 by means of the b7 tidybot module included with birdy7 CUBE. Please contact us for more information.

The birdy7 CUBE is our gateway for data from the power plant, and is compatible with all popular OPC protocols. Additional protocols can be implemented in the b7 tidybot module.

Even though our birdy7 CUBE sometimes radiates with joy, we’d rather stay far away from radioactive elements.

If you want to install birdy7 CUBE or birdy7 SoftCUBE, you should provide a network interface physically-close to the SCADA system. This network connection must have an average throughput of at least 10kbit/s for each power-plant system, eg. each WTG.

The birdy7 Cloud runs in a cloud infrastructure, whose system requirements is heavily dependent on the size of your power plant fleet and how many systems are connected. The system requirements are clarified and coordinated with the customer during the preparation- and design phase. It is in any case possible to rent or purchase the infrastructure on your behalf in case you decide to not use your existing infrastructure.

The Client applications for the frontend requires a JAVA runtime environment. This is available for most popular operating systems. Large monitors as well as video walls are supported.

An Apple iPad is needed if you’d like to use the Tablet app. This app supports both the current, and previous operating systems so you can also use older devices.

We will in the future provide you with an API for exporting data from birdy7 for further processing using third-party solutions.

Yes. We support a variety of formats for importing historical data. Contact us for more info.

Data Security / Legal
Do we as a plant operator retain ownership of our power plant data?

Yes. The relationship between you and birdy7 is like a contract for external data-processing. We save the raw data from your power plants on your behalf as long as there is a contractual agreement between us and yourself.

The raw data from your power plants are processed on a contractual basis. This requires a persistent storage of the data. Your data is used to offer the services promised by birdy7, namely Monitoring, Reporting, Diagnostics, etc. We could also use your data to train algorithms that underpin data-analysis functionality. You can find additional information in our Data security agreement and the Licensing agreement.

The birdy7 CUBE is there for the robust transmission of data from your power plants into your local network. We also recommend a redundant installation of all system components (birdy7 CUBE, birdy7 Cloud) to avoid data loss. This is primarily an economic decision we leave up to you. If you already have a cloud infrastructure, you may continue using it after we have checked and approved it.

The birdy7 CUBE, or more specifically the b7 sendbot, is responsible for lossless data transfer. The b7 sendbot compresses the data and sends it to the birdy7 Cloud. The b7 sendbot notices when the internet connection is inactive and saves the data to a limited extent in a secure place until the connection is re-established. You can configure the size of the buffer space.

birdy7 Components / Infrastructure
What is the birdy7 CUBE?

The birdy7 CUBE is our gateway for pushing power plant data into the internet. It normalizes and compresses the data by as much as 90% and securely sends the data, even when the internet conection is temporarily interrupted.

The birdy7 CUBE is available as hardware or software version (birdy7 SoftCUBE in VMs). The hardware version consists of a small box PC that can be mounted inside a hardware / server rack, or freestanding on a desk. It just needs to be connected to power and have a live network connection.

The b7 tidybot is a part of the birdy7 CUBE and is responsible for collecting the data from your power plants and prepare it for further processing. The b7 tidybot is supplied with a tow of interfaces to your power plant, among them also OPC-XML DA and OPC-UA.

The b7 sendbot is also a part of the birdy7 CUBE and is responsible for securely sending the data that has previously been collected and normalized by the b7 tidybot. The b7 sendbot notices when the network connection is not live and saves the data in a buffer space so that it can be sent when the network connection has been re-established. The size of the buffer space is configurable.

The birdy7 CUBE can be operated either in the power plant (close to the SCADA-System), or in your server farm. Wherever it is installed, it is still required for the normalization of the data. Which variant of the birdy7 CUBE is installed in your case depends on where the data is available in sufficient resolution.

There is no blanket statement that covers this theme. Our experience shows, however, that the connection should provide a minimum bandwidth of 10kbit/s for each connected device (eg. WTG) in order to be able to display the data with 1 second refresh rate.

Features / Workflows
Why is the birdy7 functionality ordered according to roles / workflows?

The workflow-based approach reflects the development philosphy behind birdy7. The product has been developed to best align with the user’s perspective, and to be self-consistent even between modules. This has the advantage that the application itself follows the typical workflows of a renewable-energy power plant. The economic benefits are obvious; one only needs to purchase the functionalities that are used in one’s own workflows. Additional workflows can be procured at any later stage.

Each workflow represents a well-tried combination of functions that have been adjusted to a specific user role and is hence also self-consistent. If you have an employee that simultaneously takes on more than one role, it may be useful to have a number of different workflows activated.

Not so bad! We are always on the lookout for new workflows for embedding into birdy7. Simply contact us for a workshop where we can take your specific demands a step further.

We are not only good at developing software, we also have extensive experience on power plant operations, having been involved in the industry for more than 18 years. We gladly pass this knowledge along in the form of customer workshops. Perhaps these can help you to tweak and optimize some of your processes? Contact us

We find your requirements very interesting, especially if there are specific challenges that we can solve with software solutions. We are always interested in additional features and developments. The priority of your features, and how they might fit into our product, depends on their potential place in our development roadmap. To let us know you requirements speak to us.

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